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Default RE: How to remove the integrated roll

You won't do this probably, but how about changing your extension to one with Loop-to-go system, like North Sails PINLOCK XT extension.

It makes it super-easy: you form a simple loop, thread it through the two of three pulleys in the sail and then back on a extension pulley, which is open from one side (visible on the left side on the left picture or on the right side on the right picture, on a higher model of this extension).

You can arrange the line in the extension to keep the loop when not rigged and also have the end of the line cleated, so next time it's just a matter of threading a loop through the sail and back on the extension.



P.S. With this system you don't use all the pulleys so you need more power to downhaul, not an issue. Of course you can always use it as any other extension, with all the pulleys.
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