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Default RE: Stock Fin For Carve 145

Hi Roly,
What sails do you have (brand model and size here).
Yes, more skilled sailors can handle larger sails in higher winds, but it depends alot on the "type" (race sail, free race sail, freeride sail, freestyle sail, wave sail) of sails you have an how you tune them as the wind increases.
Perhaps you are not retuning your 6.5 m2 rig to give it the max. higher wind performance and handling.
If there are others your size, sailing in the same area, you could probably expect to be on a sail size similar to the other sailors.
Is this the case.....or are you sailing something significantly smaller.
6.5 m2 -5.0 m2 is also quite a big gap in your quiver.
Normally there should be a 5.5-6.0 m2 rig in there somewhere.
Hope this helps,
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