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Roly Gardner
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Default RE: First Time Planing!

Hi Roger,

Hmmmm, very interesting, particularly the bit about the nose of the board getting up out of the water. I have been feeling that the nose had a tendency to sink up to the point where I got underway and move back on the board. Should I be making this move earlier?

I have realised that a lot of the buoyancy is at the rear of this board so will experiment with the mast foot further back and trying to stand further back. Presumably I must be careful not to drag the rig back at the same time and thus push the board into the wind. I think I read somewhere that the forward position of the mast foot would help to point the board upwind.I have mis-interpreted this to mean sail upwind which I think are two different things. I just turn into the wind to the point that I get back winded and fall off!

So if I uphaul with the rig vertical or pushed slightly forward if need be, whilst standing further back and driving the power through the mast foot I might have more luck?

I am afraid that I am not getting into the straps at this point. I am only just experimenting with getting in and out of the harness.

Thanks for the swift response Roger.
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