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Roly Gardner
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Default RE: Stock Fin For Carve 145

Hi Roger,

I have a rather old Tush 5.0m single cam and a 2006 Gaastra Pilot. I try to de tune a little for higher winds by less downhaul and a little more outhaul. However, I mostly get an Instructor or more advanced mate to help me rig up.

I take the point about a gap in my quiver. I quite like 5.8m as this was my first 'real' sail when I was learning last year. Perhaps a Gaastra but slightly better than the Pilot or do you have a recommendation? Perhaps I can look to a 7.5m as and when I get a bit more confident or is this to far from the 6.5m?

Some of the guys will be on 7.5/8.5s when I am on my 6.5! This is a combination of them being slightly more portly and me being very much less experienced. There are a couple of blokes on Formula boards which I think need bigger rigs anyway.

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