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Default RE: How to remove the integrated roll

Hi slajder,
The link you provided suggests:
"The rolls are easily removed for using a pulley hook. "
So, unscrew the axle, remove the 3 brass sheaves, and you are ready to go.
BUT, remember, your rigs aren't going to rig as low because the fitting to atach your pulley hook is now several incles lower in the sail (vs the old North System made for pulley hooks with the pressed grommet pretty high up in the sail.
Since the "integrated rollers" seem to be oriented fore and aft, if you change to a Streamlined "Quik 6" mast base, you can lace the pulleys in a few more seconds than it takes to attach the pulley hook to the grommet.
Use 4 mm Spectra line and you can "wrap" the 2 Quik 6" pulleys and a few seconds.
Or, have the foot of the sail cut like your older North sails and some reinforcements added so a grommet can be pressed in.
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