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Del Carpenter
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Default RE: Cutting down 70 cm fin to 55 or 62 cm

Thanks, WSGuy & Roger, I might have started cutting and sanding without thinking about a dust mask.

When I use the X-186 in higher winds I hope a 55 cm or 62 cm fin will give me more speed and more control, compared with using a 70 cm fin. I'm assuming larger fins have more drag and I'm assuming that at some wind speed between 15 and 25 miles per hour the X-186 would be faster with a 62 cm fin than with a 70 cm fin. Is that correct? Sometimes with a windspeed of about 20 mph I feel like I go faster with a 40 cm cleaver fin than with the 70 cm race fin. I might be wrong about that, I don't have a GPS. On the control issue i feel like I must fight to prevent the board from rounding up more often when I'm using the 70 cm fin than when I'm using the 40 cm fin.

Take 7-10-07 for instance. The windspeed was strong enough I was planing my Equipe with a 5.5 sail. I think that was a strong enough wind the X-186 would have been faster with 55 or 62 cm fin than it was with a 70 cm fin. Is that likely to be correct?

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