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Roly Gardner
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Default RE: Just one more thing...evo deck.

Afternoon Roger,

Thank you for your patience! I do fall in quite a lot in varying circumstances! However, I am getting better at opposing the rig and anticipating gusts/chop so I am reasonably stable when on the move.

My problems arise when stationary or in transition while tacking or gybing. Having said this, your comments on my other thread seem to come into play. I think that my feet positioning need to be more accurate and closer to the centre line. This might keep the board a little more stable?

It seems to take me so long to turn aswell which makes things worse. Having said this, the more I practice the better it gets - surprise surprise. I think my timing on a tack is a little suspect. I think that I may try to move before the board is dead into wind. Once round the mast I also find it difficult to get that last bit of the turn which allows you to 'catch' the wind and move off in the other direction. Should I be shoving the rig forward and forcing the board around with my feet?

This sounds like basic skills to me so I am sorry if it covers old ground.

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