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Default RE: For Ian Fox: Sonic100 vs iSonic101/94

Thanks Ian,

when you say "but if it was one board only allowed for both those boards range,
well I'd be thinking hard about the iS94 as the one board..", what do you mean? Would you choose 94 or 101? Maybe I do not understand well because of my bad english...and yes, we have a slalom 21 format, only 1 board allowed and 2 sails.

If I understood you well how to be fast on wide boards (is101), you have to open the top of your sail enough so that it does not push the front of the board into the water. Does that mean that you would have to use a bigger sail size with more downhaul than on sonic100/94 in given conditions? 7.6 instead of 7.0?

One last question...
In my eyes, the most important part of any slalom race (above 15knots) is perfect start and great downwind speed to the first mark. Which of those boards are the fastest in that scenario (choppy water, constant wind)? How big are the margins?

If I would be 5% slower on iS101 than Sonic 100, I would stay with my 100.
If new iS94 is 5% faster than S100, I would go for it.

How competitive do you think Sonic 100 is against 2007 designs? If newer designs are only more controlable, then I would probably stay with sonic100 beacuse I find that board GREAT for control. But, if speed is improved, then its another story...

Thanks once again,
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