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Default Big kit and water state


I was out yesterday and subsequent to my session it had been quite windy, approx. 25 knots. By afternoon the wind dropped to around 16-18 knots and I decided to try my new big kit out, an Isonic 122 with 8,0 camed freerace sail. This although my s-type 115 would be a better choice considering the very untidy choppy conditions.

With "old", steep, thightly packed waisthigh swells/chop rolling in, it was a scary and very bouncy experience to be fully powered on my iS 122. Close to wipeout several times but I managed somehow to hold the kit down. It was by no means a controled ride. Buried the nose of the board in waves several times, felt my stance was horrible due to the chop. Got tired of survival surfing and brought out my ST 115, what a difference! Although challenging conditions, far better control with nocam 7,0, nice and smooth.

My question is now about the intended waterstate for the larger iSonics, am I right about that these boards are flat water to small chop machines only? What is the general waterstate like when the pros race bigger kit? Ofcourse the pros are lightyears better than me but I really can't imagine anybody on this planet staying in control fully lit on big kit in the conditions I was out in yesterday.

I also would like to refer to which is on the same topic.

/ andy
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