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Default From F175 (2001) to F161 (2007): What can be expected?


I'm not so into the racing scene and so I don't know how formula boards have developped in the past. What can be expected by upgrading from my F175 (from 2001) to a F161 (2007)? I weigh 62kg (136lbs) and I don't want to use sails bigger than 9sqm (because of my physical limitations).

The main question is: Did the boards develop more into "boards for experts/pros" and got more difficult to use? Using a F161 (compared to a F175), ...
... is it more scary downwinds in stronger winds with choppy waters?
... jibes are more difficult?
... is it more difficult to keep on water if you are overpowered?
... is a 70cm fin difficult to control with my 62kg (compared to my 65 cm fin, which is fine).

Thanks for your help.

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