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Default RE: What wave board?


First, in the question about Stabord versus other brand I prefer to talk about the Staboard offerings since these are the boards I know well. I would say though that the range for range the two brands seems pretty similar in style. The only say I can say definitely is in favour of Starboards is that thera are much more choices on the EVO range than in the Allwave and that Allwaves are yet a bit unproven and that their freewaves seem to have gotten a bit om more freeride orientation in the 07 incarnation.

As for the EVO bias, I have ridden the 07 boards for a while now and I think they have exactly the same bias as before. How the board turns off the top has improved and in some sizes the "feel" is slightly different but again, the range of use is exactly the same.

You're my weight and I would say that you have a few choices if you have to go up to 6.3:

EVO 80
Pure Acid 80 or 86
Kombat 79 or 80.

While both Acids and Kombats turns beautifully on a wave (and otherwise) and are great blasting boards too. The 07 Kombats really have a sick way of tracking through a turn and can take a lot of pressure in shorter turns too but just as the Acids they need a combination of power and technique to do so. They will not keep speed as well in super tight turns and when you don't feed them with wave or sail power thay will slow down in the turn.

So, if you really want to imprve your front side wave riding I would say the EVO is clearly the best choice. You can rip it up in mushy stuff well on Kombats and PAs too, but it definitely takes a better technique to do so. The EVOs makes the hardest parts of radical riding easier. The K and PA are more natural in a straightline but the EVO can be tuned with a slighlty bigger fin to do that very well to and the difference in that and jumping performance is pretty minor once you're used to the boards.

EVO 8o is hence my recomendation. If will handle 4.7, but not ideally. With bigger sails I'm fairly confident it will blow your mind with its wave riding and you may need to prepare to trade that Naish for an EVO 70 if you try the EVO 80...

If you want me to teel you more about what kind of "compromises" on a wave the Kombat or Pure Acid will give you I can go into more detail. Just ask again.
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