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I got out on my friends 2003 hyper 105. It was very different to my Go... I found getting it up onto the plane pretty difficult at first. The board turns into the wind SO FAST! Its so turny and pivoty almost. With my Go I could (if I knew there was enough wind in that gust) just put my feet in both straps and bare off and I was gone (After gaining speed for a while that is). With the hyper and its short length, it seems like it really requires some initial momentum before you pop up onto the plane. The trick I found was to bare away first... pump a bit to get going a bit faster, than hook in, front foot in the strap and very quickly after than back foot. The faster I did it the better, as the board didn't turn upwind.

Once on the plane, the board just didn't want to come off it! I was coming to the shore and I wanted to tack it (which was interesting but more on that later) and im not that good at planing jibes (especially with an unfamiliar board) so I tried to get off the plane and go upwind. it was pretty difficult to be honest. the board seems to like being on the plane a lot!

It was an awsome sesh, even though I was barly powered or not powered at all I had a blast on the hyper 105. I can't wait to get my hyper 111 from 04.

But onto my questions...

1. What exactly is the different technique to get it up onto the plane faster? I found a lot of different responses in the old forums, but found that they really lacked detail in explaining the steps. Pumping it also felt a bit different. Is this something that TOW will fix? Is it because of its incredibly short length?

2. Jibing: will it be a lot harder than the Go? Or do I just really get on the other rail and lean into it like every other carving jibe...

3. Upwind. If I put my feet in the straps too early and wasn't planing, it seemed like the board was spinning out. My guess is you have to be fully planing before you can attempt to push with the back foot etc to go upwind? With my Go I could have not enough wind to plane fully, but be almost planiing and going upwind in both straps.

4. Length: my 04 is 218 cm long (when it gets here) and my friends is 137 or something like that long. what does that mean in control, early planing, speed etc. or what does the shorter length give you?

Thanks a lot roger.

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