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Hi Thomas,
Well, you seem to have "discovered" some of the "quirks" intrinsic to the Hypersonics.
If you have nicely powered up conditions all the time the Hypersonic is a pretty likable board, but if you have marginal conditions some of the time the Hypers can be very frustrating and wonderful, all at the same time.
I'll try to answer your questions a best I can, but with the Hypers, you need to develop your own tecniques and if your expereince is like mine, what works one day in a certain set of marginal conditions may not get you going real easily the next time you have similar conditions (this was the frustrating part for me) and then, after a few frustrating runs, you will figure it out and have a great time the rest of the day (this in the wonderful part).

1. What exactly is the different technique to get it up onto the plane faster? I found a lot of different responses in the old forums, but found that they really lacked detail in explaining the steps. Pumping it also felt a bit different. Is this something that TOW will fix? Is it because of its incredibly short length?
I tried every tiechnique I know, and finally decided you need to "ooch" the board (carefully managing the fore and aft and rail to rail trim of the board and it will slide onto a plane and once it there it seems to stay on plane forever.So, work of finding the sequence and trim angles that work for you.
As far as pumping, I never had much luck with that on the Hypers.
TOW and familiarity with the "quirks" will definitely fix most of your problems.
No, it not the length that's the problem, but more likely it's the tremendous amount of shape in the bottom that makes the Hypers so "sticky" nd difficult to get onto a plane. Once the nose come up, the board is flat (rail to rail) then it pops onto a plane and stays there.

2. Jibing: will it be a lot harder than the Go? Or do I just really get on the other rail and lean into it like every other carving jibe...
Start out with wide radius carve jibes and keep your weight in the same place as when you are planing. If you shift your weight forward and allow the nose to drop, the board just stops and your jibe is over.
So, set up your jibes carefully, paying attention to "rolling" the Hyper into the turn , without shifting your weight forward to upset the fore and aft trim and you will be carfing fully planing jibes in no time.
It's going to be a little different than your GO 139. but once you get it , the Hypers jibe very nicely. Also, speed is your best friend in Hypersonic jibes, so just pull your back foot out, get it across to the lee rail, roll the board a bit and it will carve a beautiful jibe.

3. Upwind. If I put my feet in the straps too early and wasn't planing, it seemed like the board was spinning out. My guess is you have to be fully planing before you can attempt to push with the back foot etc to go upwind? With my Go I could have not enough wind to plane fully, but be almost planiing and going upwind in both straps.
First, you have a much smaller fin on the Hypersonic (or you should have if you don't) so you have to develop some speed and get the water flowing on the fin surfaces before you load the fin.
Just getthe board going on a beam reach or a bit below, then worry about getting upwind when you have the speed to go upwind on the fin.
Once planing the Hpersonics all go upwind incredibly high and fast, so figure out how to get the fin to bite first, then worry about regaining you upwind position.
I'm surprised you were getting upwind before planing on your GO 139. That's a bit strange. Maybe you were using the bottom shape rather than the fin...?

4. Length: my 04 is 218 cm long (when it gets here) and my friends is 137 or something like that long. what does that mean in control, early planing, speed etc. or what does the shorter length give you?
The specifications for the '03 Hypersonic 105 are:
Length: 227
Volume: 105 liters
Width:76.7 cm
1 ft. off tail width: 53.7 cm
Supplied with: 34 and 44 cm std. Tuttle fins
Your '04 Hyper 111 specs. are:
Length: 218 cm
Volume: 111 cm
Width: 77 cm
1 foot off tail width:54 cm
Supplied with:34 cm and 42 cm SR6-b type std. Tuttle fins
The bottom shapes are identical and the width are identical on all 3 '04 Hypersonics (133/111/96). The only differences are a tiny bit narrower 1' off measurement on the Hyper 96 and the overall thickness of the boards (which accounts for the increase in volume as thicker= more float.
Hope this helps,
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