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SWEET! It seems like this will be a fun board to get to know. It seems so much fun. I was amazed. I can't wait... I can't wait to get mine. I onlny got a half hour on my friends (since I didn't want to take it away from him) and it took me a while to get used to it. First off... compared to the go, 105 litres sinks a bit. In the 2003 model, there is very little volume in the nose and little area as well. It was a blast to try and figure out how to get it onto the plane. It was very marginal wind (I could have had problems if I rigged my 7.6) and I was on a KA koncept sail (my freinds as well).

I only got fully planing once. There was a gust, and I pointed downwind a bit hung in the harness got some speed, in both straps as quickly as possible and I was off! and you are right! the wind just died down, and I kept going! it was amaszing. Also, with the go, it took a lot of constant power to get going, but with the hyper, it seemed like that little puff was enough to get me going. The stupid thing was that people were out on the 2006 f type 158 and a 10.0! and I got planing way faster and kept planing way before they even started going. I would be interested in trying that guys f type just to see what its like but thats another thread

For the jibing, do you mean unhook, hang a lot off the boom, back foot out, on leeward rail and than press while leaning sideways into the turn? So I shouldn't be leaning forwards a bit? I was a bit confused at your answer to the jibing question.

I guess the tecnique has to change a bit for getting planing. I am used to the massive 48 cm fin on my go... I was using the 34 cm with the 6.6 and once I was up on the plane, I tested the hard to spin out idea. and wow... its true! I went over chop different ways, sheeted out while really pushing hard with my back foot and it was really hard! I like that, some added confedence.

I guess the hyper is truly a light wind weapon if I can get it planing early. What strap settings would you recommend? back foot all the way back and front foot in the middle holes? I am 6 feet or 183 cm and 65 kg or 145 pounds

Thanks so much for all your help! Hopefully next march I can make it down to hatteras and come sail with you. That would be sick

Thanks a lot,

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