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Default iSonic Questions

Hey there Roger:

Some questions for you on the iSonic.

I have the F-Type 148, got rid of a GO 139 and am getting rid of a Carve 121, got an iSonic 125 and plan to get a iSonic 105. I am really digging my iSonic 125 so far. Lots more fun than the GO, although of course much trickier to trim and to schlog. I love that it goes upwind very well (especially relative to the Carve), allows for mixing it up between upwind, beam reaches and downwind runs.


1) What kind of sails do you recommend with the iSonic? I don't race at all, just blast around and love to beat guys in drag races at the local spot. I have an 8.5 Retro that I have been using, which I love. I have a 7.3 North Crossride, which is more of a SuperX sail, which I don't think matches up as well, looking to replace with maybe a 7.5 Retro. I don't really want to mess with cams. I know I will lose some top end speed by going with a FreeRace sail like a Retro versus a cammed sail, but that is okay by me. Which sail(s) did you use with your iSonic 115 most often this year?

2) Any tips for (i) early planing technique and (ii) trimming at speed for the iSonic? Your coaching on the F-Types has been great, would love to hear your thoughts on the iSonic as well.


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