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Default RE: Hypersonic 133 vs. F 148 (both 05)

Hi Luis,
If you have a choice between the Hyper 133 and Hyper 111, at your weight I'd look for the HS 111. Both boards have identical outline shapes, the HS 133 is simply thicker to give it more volume, and the extra volume is probably not going to get you planing any earlier, the board will just float higher when not moving.
Got to agree with Screamer here.
Huge sails on a small platform like a Hypersonic do work, but the L/D ratio on the huge sails are going to limit your top end a bit.
You would probably be happier with an 8.5-9.0 m2 rig and get going almost as early.
Super early planing on Hypersonics with really big sails was somewhat a myth in my opinion.
Powered up, with a smaller rig and the Hypers always seemed easier to get on plane and very fast, even through the lulls once planing.
The F-Type 148 on the other hand will handle your 9.8 very nicely, but when you get down to the 7.2 m2 Saber, the 96 cm width is going to be a bit limiting (due to surface conditions, i.e. chop, etc.)
The FT 148 is not really a formula board, so it jibes better, and will be nearly as fast as the Hyper until the chop gets up. It will definietly be easier to get planing with your 9.8 m2 rig.
Hope this helps,
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