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Default Carve 111 or 122


I am about to get another Starboard board (I currently have a GO along with an older 8"6" AHD sinker and a 115 liter board that I made for myself a long time ago). I am a reborn windsurfer and am looking for something easier to sail than my homemade board, which works great but is narrow like boards were 10-15 years ago and want something more modern. I like the GO with my 9.8 and 8.3 sails, but definitely need something smaller when wind is up a bit.

There is quite a bit of chop when the wind comes up where I sail on Long Island, NY and the GO becomes a super handful. I don't have a board for, say, 7.5 to 6.8 conditions. Would the Carve 111 or 122 better suit my purposes? I am about 5'8" and weigh 170 lbs and am rapidly advancing gybe carver (some of the time, but more and more each time I go out).

Please let me know. btw, I love Starboard boards, very well-conceived and executed.

Dennis G.
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