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Default Choosing second board (130-140l range)

Hi all,

I'm 6', 185lbs. Beginner. I mainly windsurf in the Montreal area.
In the 15 knots wind range.
I just sold my Go 180.
Sails: 7.2, 6.4 and a couple below that never get used.

I needed something smaller. It's quite choppy here, so the 180 while ok to learn was often too big in those winds.
My level is really beginner: I do not waterstart (never had to try), or jibe, but I can plan, get into the footstraps and have plenty of fun!
I loved the EVA deck! I loved the security of the big board too. In some spots, you never know where you can end up with the current on the St-Lawrence river?

I also have a old 130l (electric rock I think that I never use. I tried it a couple of time, but it's so narrow and unstable compared to the GO...).

I had in mind the Go 139 (which I can get at a good price for a 2006 model).
I would keep the EVA deck, the deep tuttle fins.

But will it still be too big? On the other hand, I do not learn very quickly: season is short in Montreal. Should I increase sail size to get more sailing days and less chop?

Should I go with "less beginner friendly" boards? in similar volumes?

What do you think?

Time to leave the Go range?
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