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Default RE: Go or not Go

Thanks for your input!

The thing is I tend to make liter for liter comparison.
I think at 130l, I am too short. So the 139l is a good compromise.
But the Go is so wide, it's maybe like a narrower 150l board. it can suffer from the chop.

But I though again about it:

I love the Go: early planning (that's a +), safe (lots of volume), I love the EVA (or EVO?) pad.

The main reason I have some hesitation is the chop factor. I am going down 40 liters, that's a lot. But looking at dimensions, the 139 is not that smaller compared to my 180: it's only narrower by 20 cm or so. So in the chop, I think it will still be quite a big board.

The ease of the go also gets me lazy to learn. But 139l won't so huge, I'll have to waterstart.

I have been thinking about it. I think the GO is still the way to go. I going to look at both (carve) side by side and read less on the internet.

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