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I don't know about the sails, i'll leave that to Roger, but about the boards .. as our weight + lenth is almost simular (89 Kg +1.88) and the sailing conditions aswell (mine are 10 to 22) i think i can help out.
Myself, i sail a Go139 which offers me the stabilety when the wind drops and the speed in planning. The Go155 offers more stabilety and early planning. You could look at the Carves aswell, if you wanne read about the difference i suggest you look at the 2006 SB website, there they make a comparison if you look at the Go boards and then you can take what yoiu know to 2007 and make up your mind about what board is more suitable for u.
Personally i'd say u'd be better of with a Go because of it's wideness and stabilety.
For weedfins: may wanne check select fins. They have a nice range of weeds.
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