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Hi Sam,
Never having sailed in Perth (I almost got to go there once, but the ship moved to Thailand and I met Svein instead, so the outcome was quite good overall) I really don't know quite what to tell you.
Suggest you make a trip to the windsurf launch area there in Perth and have a look around to see what others are sailing.
If you are hooked in, in the footstraps, and planing, with 15-25 knot conditions I think the suggested GO 139 is a bit too big and wide.
Flat water in 15 knots is one thing, flatwater in 25 knots would have to be something quite different.
If you aren&#39;t going to be sailing in < 15 knots then you won&#39;t need the width and early planing you might get with a GO 139-170.
I&#39;d think a mid size Carve would be bettr up to around 20-22 knots with a 6.0-6.5 m2 rig which shold get you going nicely in 15 knots at your weight.
The NCX is an OK sail, but you might want to get something with a little more "jiuce" (draft in this case) like the Gator or perhaps the Overdrive.
If you look for a quiver of say 7.5/6.0/5.0 you should have your stated wind range pretty well covered on a mid size Carve (122/111).
If you get more 25 knot conditions than 15 knot conditions, you might even want to look at something smaller.
Like I said, check out the local scene and see what other sailors are using, maybe even rent a couple of different size Carves and the smaller GO boards to see what really works best in the Perth conditions.
Hope this helps,
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