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Default Fins s-type 137 2007


Which fins are appropriate for an s-type 137 from 2007? With the standard fin, i have a lot of spin outs. I'm not very sattisfied by the original fin.

It's my biggest board so i want an early planing fin with good speed en control, otherwise i will have another smaller fin for topspeed and control in chop for more wind and smaller sails.

My weight is 72kg and i'm using this board most of the time with an 8.5 Neilpryde V8 2006, but also with an 7.5 and 6.5 V8 2006.

Which options i have for a fast planing fin with good topspeed and control for the 8.5 V8 and otherwise a fin with a huge topspeed and control for an overpowered 8.5 and 7.5 V8.

I'm interested in other drake fins than the original but other brands are also an option.

I was thinking for a DRAKE R19 RACE NR in size 48 and a DRAKE SLALOM SR6B in size 44. Are this good options? What about the slalom pro and R13 Race NR?

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