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Default RE: Problems going upwind

Hi all guys,

Could you please describe what the front foot should be doing exactly during planing upwind? How is "lifting up" done? Is the front foot rotated forward in the foot strap? Where is the front knee looking? Where are hips and shoulders looking? OK, and is the BACK foot rotated in the footstrap? And is the back knee rotated forward?

Background: Before the recent windsurfing vacations, I tried, with some success, to raise the windward rail with both feet to go upwind, but only in flat water. In chop and in high wind the board had a tendency of getting blown away from under my feet if a gust got between the board and the water during an involuntary chop-hop. The instructor I hired at the vacation told me to rotate everything in my body (feet, knees, hips and shoulders) forward. During this my front arm would be stretched and the back arm would be bent sheeting in. It helped me in the chop a great deal. But I feel that in this stance I cannot use the fin to go upwind.

Could you help me out with the correct stance please?
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