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Default RE: new Aero (Kombat) 127

I thought a bit more about the K86-small sail thing. I've spent the last years sailing lots of wave gear and have pretty thouroughly tried to use all baords - big or small - in all kinds of conditions and with different sails. This means often sailing small baords with big sail (which kind of was my thing before) but also using big boards in "small" conditions. I''ve found that with wave and crossover boards also the larger ones handle the smaller sails balance wise. In other words, the board handle the sail as such and it will be sailing conditions (rather than just the wind strength as such) that decide. And of course, when the water state gets difficult enougn (or the riding speed on a wave get high enough) you will runt into control problems on a to big board.

That said, the control is also dependent on how fast and aggressive you sail and actually many people tend to rather slow down a bit in very choppy high wind consitions (sort of uncoiciosly, long before actual control problems occur). If you do this you can extend the range of the board.

Another important aspect is how much control you need. powered up on a big wave most people tend to want a lot fo control but on flat water in a B&J setting an experienced sailor can sacrifice a lot of control and still keept the power on. You sort of just forget about that the board is a bit crazy under you feet and just keep charging.

So, while I have not sailed the K87 with a 4.0 yet. I an totally confident I could do so even in serious chop when freeriding or B&J sailing despite only being 70 kilos. The board can take it, the question is more if the sailor can and of course a PA 74 (which is very similar in feel in a straightline and in a turn) will of course offer a more relaxed ride for light and medium weight riders. For wave riding however, I wouldn't like to sail the K87 in 4.0 conditions. Just to much for me to handle.

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