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Default RE: Heavyweights Waveboard

Sorry Ola dont agree with that.
Same ratio will give same flotation regardless of rider weight.By definition it must. I also think (by observation) that given equal volume/load ratio heavier sailor will plane up later because he`s also going to have a worse power to weight ratio from rig (initially) until drag takes over.Heavier sailor will have a better power to drag ratio but lighter one a better power to weight. Its why heavier sailors set faster speeds but lighter ones plane earlier. (even given equal volume to weight ratios)
My point.Often thought its the wave sailor who needs that bit of extra flotation.Wind shadows on waves ; getting through shore break etc but historically its always been wave boards are smallest.
Slalom sailor; once powered up; is unlikely to need extra flotation.Think its a lot to do with market inertia.
I do agree with guest re we will (perhaps do now) be buying boards of same volume for different disciplines.
If a sailor needs 95 litres its prettty irrelevant as to wether he (or she) is sailing slalom; freestyle or wave.
Personally I like a bit more reserve volume in wave board but I`m a very poor wave sailor. Flat water blasting you hardly need any !! Its already happening.(Missile 64 litres.Dave White 125 kg)
Kombat 106 is a great heavies wave board.(Should be power box though !!!???)
PS Dunkerbeck uses 97 litres in his wave board ! (Until its howling) I think he`s 95kg.
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