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Default RE: Heavyweights Waveboard

Hi Ola
Totally agree with everything you say; and very well put.
One thing I would like to point out though is the fact that the characteristics you put into a board (flat rocker/width/wide tail etc) to enable a board to perform well for a heavyweight will be the exact things to cause the board problems when used at limit .An extra 5 lites volume to give beneficial float will have less effect for a really heavy bloke when using board on limit.An extra couple of cm in width certainly will.(Width effects are non-linear; faster you go more effect they have. Volume is constant)
Fifteen years ago I sailed biggest wave board available at time (85 litres). Everyone then said that was limit for wave a board. (It was more to with size of blanks available and limite dmarket for "big" wave boards.)
We`ve reached point now where Freestyle Waves upto 110 litres are on market; but all these boards (FSW`s)will function for lighter sailors;(used in different modes.) purely to make boards attractive to a big enough market to be succesfull.
An EVO 107 will only ever sell to 100k+ wave sailors.And there just aren`t enough of them to warrant building a board. When someone says a big wave board does not work ask them
a) Have they tried?
b) How heavy they are?
The are no scientific reasons to say a 110 litre wave board will not work. It will work but will need 110kg load on it.And *B would only sell a dozen or so of them.
Take care.
Besides Kombats are fine (But should have PB)

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