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Default RE: Heavyweights Waveboard

Pretty much agree, except that adding volume (by adding thickness) actually does more to a boards performance than most people think. I've sailed boards that were pretty much identical except for thickness and the thinner board always feels better and especially at the control limit the thickness hurts. It creates extra leverage for the chop, sort of. So again, making a heavy weights wave board (that will function as an all round wave board for them, ie has an as big range as possible, including good stuff) is about changing lots of small things. Its not only scaling up, not only adding width, not only adding thickness, not only, adjusting the rocker and bottom shape etc. Its a combination of all of the above.

But you are right in that one problem is that too few has tried to make such boards. Even the "blown up" wave boards that some of the best custom shapers make does not really look that good. I think it's a matter of to few good enough big blokes around to test the boards and drive the development. Thats why it is very good to have Antoine in the team now.

Regarding making a 107 instead of the soon to be revealed 100, well maybe if would be better for some, but before making judgement, have a look at the 100 - live. It is BIG piece of performance wave board.

As for the Kombats, they are probably the most wave oriented fsw boards on the market with rockers and v taken directly from the Pure Acids, with thin rails etc etc. There is just a bit more tail and nose relative the widths (+ extra footstrap positions) if you compare with the Acids. So, no surprise they work well in waves and (like the Acids) they especially come alive in a bit faster waves.
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