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Default RE: Problems going upwind

Roger wrote:
Your stance here is basically "twisted" as well with the feet facing more forward, the hips set at somewhere around 45 deg. and the upper body shoulders facing the rig which is sheeted in and raked back fully.
Roger, if shoulders and hips are not parallel, than the hips should look more forward, correct?

I have a Mistral Explosion board 145L and NS Drive sail 7m2 and Tushingham Lightning 9.4m2 (I got afraid to buy the unusual F-type board though I did give it a lot of thought. You see I'd like not to stop after making the carved gybe ang go for vulcans etc.). The NS Drive sail 7m2 is usually too small - I manage to plane only in 12+ knots. I am going to use it tomorrow. The fin is 53cm long and has a straight shape. I bought it for the bigger sail. I also have the 50cm stock fin, which is a little bit curved. I weigh 85kg which is a little below 170 pounds.

Sorry about the heart condition.
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