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Default Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul

I have the oportunity to buy a Hypersonic 125, but before doing this I must admit that I have some doubts regarding the sinkage under 80kg body weight.
Waterstart is not my favourite, and thus my rig is a 7.3 Hi-Tech race slalom, 4 cam with a huge luff pochet.
I am sailing on an antique board 250l and I think is the time to pass to a more radical equipment. Lately I've tested a 146l board and I found it easy enough to adapt; uphaul was no problem.
Sometimes the wind conditions can vary quick from 3-4 to 1-2, so I am wondering if HS 125 will be enough for uphaul with a 80kg sailor and a 7.3 to 9 sail range.
Before doing this investment I want you advise and opinion.
Thank you!
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