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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul

Hi i_pica,

With moderate skill the HS125 will certainly be a practical "get you home" uphaul with 80kg rider and 7.3 racesail. The additional volume of HS125 (123Lt actual) over the HS105 was specifically added to assist in this regard and is more than sufficent for moderate weight riders on medium sail sizes. The shorter (than antique) length makes a little more (initial) challenge in fore/aft trimming the HS125 during uphaul than some older (longer) ~125 Lt boards, however the reasonable width also adds a more stable platform. After a little familiarity, this quickly becomes second nature and no big deal.

To put it in perspective, with some challenge, riders to 90Kg have been successfully uphauling HS105 (1zero5) with racesails up to around 9m, but that is about the upper practical limit (and the issue as always with uphauling is what is possible to one seems impractical to another! )

HS also has another "get you home" in dying winds advantage (c/w normal flat bottom boards) in the deeply concaved hull shape tracks to windward better in subplaning conditions, allowing less loss of upwind position when returning to shore during subplaning conditions.

Cheers ~ Ian
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