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Hi Madis.

I am sorry to see not many people looking at your message but this is how it goes on here sometimes.

Freestyle is all about control and balance. So first learn about what the sail can do and what it does to move the board.

The Joker is a great board for playing around on.

The Gecko is a great move and the base move for this is a Heli tack so you must get this perfect first. Then the luff 360. Once you can do this then you have to learn them in the straps.

The Gecko is all about getting the board on its edge. the more it is on the edge the less pressure you need to sink the nose. The board needs to be at 90º to the wind or even 45º down wind when you start.
Once you sink the nose it is just a luff 360.

If you go on my web page you will find some videos on freestyle and light wind practicing.

Have fun and get on the water and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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