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Default RE: Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul

Hi i_pica,
Just to add to Ian's recommendations (which I agree with totally) I think that coming from a 250 liter longboard (or even the 146 liter board) you are going find the Hypersonic 125 very hard to uphaul, right at first.
What you need to do is space your feet (one in front of the mast one behind the mast) differently than you would on your longboard or the 146 liter shortboard as Hypersonic is very short, and has limited volume in the nose.
So, when uphauling, you need to place your front foot just forward of the mast foot and your rear foot quite a ways back, so that your stance and weight are shifted back further on the board where it's stable.
Using the normal (same spacing ahead of and behind the mast) foot positons is going to sink the nose of the board and make uphauling very difficult, but not impossible.
Shift your weight back so you maintain both rail to rail and fore and aft trim and you won't have any problems.
Hope this helps,
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