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Default RE: Rio S Daggerboard

Hi UK Dog,
Did the threads where the handle screws in split or somethng?
Does your centert board handle have a SS extension screwed onto the threads in the EVA handle assembly?
What size rig was your 10 year old using?
I've hsd Rio's and Starts with this CB handle system for about 3-4 years now, and never had a problem, but when I traded out my boards last year to a demo/hire/school shop,they had some problems with the boards after they had been using them for a couple of months, but I'm not sure if the problems were student induced or instructro/storage induced.
The threads on the handle are soft ductile stainless steel, so if the handle bent, it should be quite easy to straighten the threads back out using a couple (3 actually) 8 mm nuts and a vice or a hard flat metal surface. In a vice, put a nut at the top of the threads, one near the bend, and one at the end of the threads and clamp it in the vice so it bends the threads back to straight.
Was the centerboard up.... or down... when this happened?
I agree with you, I've never felt that the screw in handle was the best design for in the middle of the deck on an entryl level board.
Tiga Swifts (back in the day) had the best system ( a small square pedal about 2.5 " x 2.5" that simply slid back a forth in a recessed track with a linkage to the CB).
Hope this helps,
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