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Default RE: Heavyweights Waveboard

How to "scale up" boards is an issue I'm very interested in and I've been talking to many shapers about it. Most agree that just linear scaling does not seem to work that well. Of course, a 1.02 scaled up board would not be a disaster but if the original was "magic" the upscaled variant would probably not remain magic. If you look around, very few boards actually are scaled variants of another board. Instead each version is carefully developed in its own right and tested against lots of different protos as well as its predecessor if there is one. If you look at the 2007 Pure Acid range, the Kombat range and the EVO range, you will find that despite there being a common design concept within each range, each board has its own set of parameters and unique shape because that was what worked for that particular size. Same thing goes for any 08 addition...

BTW, one thing that does happen when you scale up a board is that the curvature changes. The rocker measured in millimeters would increase (linearly), but the curvature would actually decrease by the inverse of the scaling factor (math at work again...).
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