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Default RE: Hypersonic 125 & Uphaul


I am 80 kg and have excellent skills. In freshwater, 105 liters is about smallest I can go without having the board sink (water over the deck). If I place my feet correctly, the deck stays pretty dry. The board is somewhat unstable for uphauling, but it's not too difficult with PRACTICE.

I use this board when I want to be sure that I can get home in winds too light to water start (less than 10 knots).

A 125 liter board will easily float you, but as Roger & Ian say - you have to get your feet / weight centered properly to uphaul. A few centimeters off and some part of the board is going to start sinking, making it more difficult to keep your balance. Wave action will also play a role too. More waves = more difficult to keep your balance.

Practice your water starts. When you get it figured out, it is sooo much easier than up hauling - if there is enough wind.
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