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Default RE: What wave board?

I have just started to ride evos after many years riding classic wave boards (fanatic, naish,starboard). Because I no longer have much time to travel I have to ride the local cross onshore mush the evo seemed like a good choice though I was a little reluctant to change from what I was familiar with.
During the first couple of sails I felt a bit all over the place though basically the board seemed fairly easy to ride. To me it feels like the board drives more off the rail and this required a small stance adjustment.
Its hard to describe the frontside riding, definitely more surfboard like, the extra speed this board carries through the turn is a big gain. I am yet to exploit this for airtime, its hard to break the habit of trying to turn just under the lip. The whole rail seems to grip with out much encouragement. Its just a buzz having a new board which is so fun to sail
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