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I practised some windsurfing a few years ago. Im completly out of the world but decided to start again.

The problem that I face is that I have a Bic board which I think has around 160L. I tried to sail in the northsea where the waves are long and deep if there is a good wind. I have 2 problems.

I try to do a waterstart but I experience that I'm not able to lift my sail out of the watter. So what kind of sails do I use today? With or without Camber? I have a 6.4 without and this is like lifting my mother in law out of the water. No Cambers inside.

So when I can not get out of the water I have to move my 95Kg out of the watter and get on my board to lift the sail out. Please stop smiling .

On my bic board this is not possible because I sink and the board is not stable. So Im looking for a board which can hold my weight and at the same time gives my the possibility to grow. Also the possibility of gybe on this board is a must.

I saw the Go 185 with a lot of volume. But it is so small? Do this small boards give the same stability then the older boards with the same volume?

Also please advice or give me a link where I can learn more about the sail which I can use. I understand it is not your task to give me the beginings of windsurfing, who knows I'm a potential worldchampion .

Thanks for your effort in coming back to this request.

Milo Van Riel
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