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Default Evo 80xtv quick report & fin advice sought

Hi Ola et al

After some deliberation on the Boards forum i got myself a 07 Evo80 woody on Wed and tried it last night on a 5.2 in sideshore 2-3 foot.....WOW! It just makes riding so easy!

I really am blown away by the Evo after just a few hrs.

Had read so many things about it being hard to use or slow or bad upwind but i just got on it and just sailed straight off the beach.

The only area i have to adapt my style a little is my outside gybe thats always been weak and more of a carvey-slalom style when the evo seems to prefer a tighter wave style gybe but apart from that its super super easy.

The best bit though is on the wave it feels SO loose and goes back up the face vertically to hit the lip without any effort...really flattering for anyone who is getting into waves right upto wave expert.

I also swapped over with a mates 2004 74 and although a little less exciting or crisp than the 80 (wood) it still had the same charecterisitcs on a wave...and of course 80 just felt a little more corky as it would ie its bigger.

Now onto the question:
I was using the stock 23cm drake fin yesterday and had no issues at all with it on my 5.2. I also want to use it on a 5.8 and =<4.7.....should i be looking to invest in more fins to complement these sizes or will the 23cm fin suffice...what would you suggest and what size? Would i get any extra value in say a 25cm drake for light winds for float-n-ride days and a 21 for strong 4.5 guessing a 25 or 26cm cm might be a good idea...but the 21?

Nice one starboard!
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