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Default RE: sunken mast track

Hi Thomas,
No, larger fins do not necessarily get the Hypersonics going a whole lot earlier.
As you say, hed off the wind and get some speed before you gradually load up the fin and I think you'll find you get going as early and as easily as you ever will on the HS 111.
That's the most frustrating thing for me on my Hypersonic 96.
It's often fairly hard to get it onto a plane, and it an take alot of screwing around trying different little "ooches and nuances of trim" and all of a sudden it just take off and continues to do so for the rest of the session. Next day, same wind and conditions, same rig and fin, and it takes off right away, or maybe not. Frustrating, yes, but very nice once you get going because you almost have to fall in to get it to stop planing.
Hope this helps,
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