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Ray Timm
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Default RE: Evo 80xtv quick report & fin advice sought

Hi Northy,

I would definitely get a 25 for the board if you want to use it with bigger sails in light wind. I frequently use a 24 and 25 in my E80, but rarely smaller than a 23 because I tend to jump on my E75 or E70 when I'm using sails 5.0 or smaller, plus the 23 for me will handle sails down to 4.5 on the 80. As Ola will often says, the Drake fins are so good you don't bog down or stiffen up the ride much by using them in larger sizes than recommended.

Don't know how much you weigh, but if you ever get a chance, jump on the E70. When the wind is really up, it is one of my all time favorite boards for wave riding and general blasting and i'm 85 kgs.
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