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Default for REMI -> iSonic 145 with big sails: which reasonable limit ?


Hi All,

I come from Formula 161 used in racing context and this autumn, for a series of reasons, I'm thinking to change it with a high performances board but not so wide, using a smaller Formula sail (11m North Warp instead of 12m).

So limiting factors are: width (no wider than 90 cm) and sail size (I have to go on using a 11m Formula sail).

I'm taking iSonic 145 into some consideration for its width (88.5 cm) but sail range it's a source of worry: 6.8 to 10.5... might be a 11m Formula sail really too big for this board ??

Which are iSonic 145 reasonable limits in (low-wind) sail range and (large) fin sizes ??

- Exp.

P.S. I see many posts in french Forum about iSonic 145 but, unfortunately, I don't speak french so... be indulgent if this question has been already discussed somewhere ! Thanks.
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