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Default RE: What wave board?

Yeah Steve, the Steen video certianly showed some nice action, particularly the back loops. Pretty representative of what we get here on a good day, though there are spots with less mushy waves, more sideshore etc. Unfortunately I missed the weekends Nordic action since I was in Portugal (nice sailing too, but unfortunately mostly onshore).

Regarding EVOvs Acid I've for a long time said that it mostly a matter of what kind of feel you want from your boar dand what kind of style you have in the waves. Both boards can do pretty much everything in pretty much 90% of all conditions you can imagine. However, I recently looked at some video from a good day in Sweden and noticed than even some many pretty competent sailors seem to have geting the board to turn up the wave to really hit the lip. The bottom turn looked good and the top turns too when they did get to the top with enough speed. Its just this transitional phase that is problematic. This transitional phase is exactly where EVOs goes like on auto pilot. Therefor I think that many, many sailors that do prefer the more direct feel of a classic (fast rockered) wave board would actually improve a lot in their wave riding of they could sacrifice some of that feel and try and EVO (at least for a while). Like Alan says, the EVOs carry speed easier and does that while at the same time turning (up the wave) pretty much by itself.
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