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Default RE: Evo 80xtv quick report & fin advice sought

Hi Northy and congrats on a great board.

Ray has already given great fin advice and I agree you should definitely get a 25 Drake Natural. It will forma great quiver with the 23. You could go for a 26 too, but I think the 25 matches the 23 better and for 5.8 is will be enough, I think.

I would not go as far as the 21 for a smaller fin. Probably you will find the 23 good also with 4.7 and if you need smaller the 22 is probably a smarter choice. I only use the 21 in very fast conditions and with smaller sails and boards and even then usually get by on the 22. I sailed Kombat 79 and EVO 70 with 23 and 24cm and a 4.5 the last few days fx.

NOTE: 08 Drake natural fins are a bit stiffer and I would say slightly different size recommendation apply. Worth to know since some importers might already have the 08 fins.
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