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Default RE: For Ian Fox: Sonic100 vs iSonic101/94

Hi Marko,

Realistically, it would be inaccurate to claim simply one board is faster than the other,
especially by X%.

I am sure we can make a true test prove iS94 5% faster than S100
(but in what conditions ? Basically, the faster the conditions, the more the iS94 will shine,
the more it's marginal, the more the S100 close the gap again))

Also I'm sure that with the right rider, good tuning (for iS101) we can beat the S100 with iS101.
(but in what conditions ? Basically, the faster the conditions, the more the S100 will shine,
the more it's "marginal 100Lt slalom", the more the iS101will dominate in raw speed, but also in slalom racing the "result" is often a combination of top speed plus jibe speed and re-acceleration after jibe ; when considered in this "race speed" mode rather than pure top speed the iS101 is more competitive in most conditions)

With the iS101 the rider has more potential to deal with overpower than the S94,
but this is also relative as the iS101 will start to overpower earlier in the wind / conditions range,
BUT as it has more capable overpower performance (relative) to the iS94 then the rider can "hang on" to the iS101 until close to the same max as the iS94.

The result of this means more bottom and mid range (wider sweetspot) for similar top end: the requirements to make use of the iS101 upper top end (to ?match? iS94 )being the rider has a strong (so called "animal" ) style (rather than a gentle gliding style), and that the sail tuning is OK on the iS101 to minimise the rig "standing up" the rider (and thus causing him/her to come off the power a lot, disrupting both the trim and the power delivery at the critical top end range ( most often when things are getting rather critical). It does take a couple of sessions on the iS to really become familiar with the limits/trim of the iS101 (and similar) but once you got it the results are pretty addictive.

Hi Adrian, (nice to hear from you in a UK summer )

"During your comparison testing between the isonic 105 and sonic 95 did you have any sub 75kg sailors involved with the testing? Did they find the same results as the 90Kg testers?"
IF : Yes, for sure. Significant input from Tiesda and Per (both mid to low 6x kg) and a certain Norwegian guy doesn't let us get too far away without having a go himself, he's around 75kg without weight and also tests on occasion with weight ~+8kg to gain a "heavy" perspective. However, as you can imagine, mostly the aim is to develop the fastest board for the fastest guys, which usually focuses more on bigger/heavier style guys.

"I'm asking this because owning both the 95 and the 105 (and sailing the 115 quite a lot too), and weighing 73kg, I found it hard to get the 105 up to the speed of the 95 in standard beam reaching conditions with SSRs 6.6 and 7.6 in Port Phillip chop. I have found, as you mentioned earlier in this thread, the 105 really needs to be sailed "power on", but with a lot of concentration to get it to fly, wheras the 95 is easy to sail very fast without too much "grunt" or effort. I also found the shoulders of the 95 seem to sail higher and stop the board less when the chop/swell comes at different awkward angles to the board."
IF : Well as you know well, the PPB chop (in powered 100Lt range) is often about as ugly as it gets, and yes, in those conditions the iS94 would be an "earlier" choice in the range than normal, especially for a light to mid weight rider. Even in PPB I know bigger (90-95kg) riders took a couple of sessions to dial in on the optimum iS101 style/technique, to "power" flat across the top of the chop ( c/w previous boards they used S100/S95) - The temptation to sheet out is high, but keeping on the power is the key.

"However, the 105 is far easier to sail out of the gybe at speed and at my weight is very quick with 8.6 SSR in the UK chop I now sail. I also found the 105 more docile on the limit than the 95 despite it's greater width, with less tendancy then the 95 for the nose to rear up in a gust when sailing overpowered."
IF : Right- and there is the iS character really showing.

"I would be very interested to know whether the short and high rocker of the 95 has been kept the same for the new 94, or has it the lower rise of the 105/115 and sonic 85?"
IF : The iS94 has a slightly lower rise than the S95 (06), but it?s a relatively minor change (about -5mm @240cm), more a fine tune in line with optimizing the overall board trim angle (iS94 also having thinner tail thickness).
In a macro sense, the iS94 should be regarded as a similar ride to S95 (06) as c/w iS101/105.

Cheers ~ Ian
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