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Default RE: Problems going upwind


My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy and full recovery!
Once you recover I bet you WILL feel 20 years younger and you'll take your windsurfing to an entirely new level! Thank goodness we live in a time and place where aortic stenosis can be diagnosed early and treated effectively with some of the best technology and talent available anywhere in the world. Had we lived only 100 years ago this would not have been possible...

Thanks, also, Roger for the additional input on my questions.
Regarding the fin, yes, when I referred to the "fin tilted to windward" I meant the fin tip in relation to the fin root.
Regarding the "sheeting with the shoulders", no, I didn't mean using the arms - what I meant was that with the hips turned forwards the only way keep the sail sheeted in with the harness is to rotate the torso and shoulders outwards (parallel with the sail). You're pointers on how to handle the gusts and lulls were very well stated, thanks.

Best of luck to you Roger for a quick and easy recovery. No forward loops until you're fully healed, even if you feel like it, please!


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