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Default Starboard Appollo/Formula Windsurfing

The next generation in Formula Windsurfing equipment. I have seen the Appollo at the Formula Windsurfing World Championships here in Korea, i have to say i am very excited to try this board. as i think this concept, with the 75cm fin will enable windsurfers to plane earlier, and maintain speed through the lightest of lulls. as soon as i saw it, i said i want one!

I, as do many other windsurfers, live inland. This means that you can maximise time sailing at your local lake by having a board like the Appollo. Congratulations Starboard, we are one step closer for a formula board being an olympic class board. For the good of our sport, this is what we need to push for.

why? because Formula windsurfing is a class for which the equipment is at it's peak in performance, and continually developing every year. This makes Formula the most exciting lightwind racing discipline in the world. Also, If you havent tried it, you really should, your missing out bigtime.

I hear people saying "but i dont want to use something so big". you don't realise how easy formula boards are to sail. With a big formula-style board, you have awesome lightwind performance, effotless acceleration, and you will maximise the time on the water when you get to the beach. when you make the effort to go to the beach, you put a formula style board in your quiver, i guarantee you'll get more hours on the water. why sit on the beach in 9 knots or less, when you can have fun out there on a big board. all freeride sailors out there, go for the Isonic range 145 or 155. They are a less technical, friendlier, easy to sail version of the Formula 160/161.

Good sailing.
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