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Default RE: Evo 80xtv quick report & fin advice sought

Thanks Ola for the confirmation of fin (hopefully get one tmrw) and the gybing tip!

Actually i do think its my poor outside gybe thats the crux (rather than a "peculiarity" with the board!) as when carving a long btm turn on thursday i found no problem setting the line....i'll remember the MFP tip and see how i can improve it!

What i found most remarkable was how *un-remarkable* it was just to sail striaght off (im not talking about the wave riding just blasting out). Over the last 4 years Ive heard soooo many things about the evo ie having to adopt "special measures" eg have the boom waaay high, super looong lines, extremely light on back foot to plane, not going upwind, spinning out, being sluggish, only useable for waves etc etc.....i just set up as i always do and off i went...?!

Cheers, Northy
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