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Default Board Selection - Totally Confused

I am totally confused by the number of boards styles and shapes/sizes available on the market today. I have no idea if I should go with a wide board or a narrow one... Would someone PLASE give me a simple recommendation.

For some 2 years now I have been using a 220L HiFly Motion board with a 6.3 m2 sail and I feel it is now too big for me and off course it is also quite heavy to handle. I sail in light to moderate winds (10-25 km/hr) and most of all want to start planning. I have tried an older 190-200L BIC board and it had plenty of buoyancy for me too. My problem is, that because of my location and work schedule I have virtually no opportiunities to try out more boards to see how low I can go before buying and will probably buy online.

I was thinking of getting a BIC Nova or a Starboard Go board, somewhere in the 160-185 L range and a 7.0-9.0 m2 sail. Off course would like to get as light a board as I can that will still support me in light winds (and sometimes 1.0 m or so waves) and allow for easy planning at a slightly stronger winds. Is a smaller and lighter board actually better for early planning? Why do I need all this width ? My board now is 90 cm wide and I do not think I need a wider one... Any recommendations?
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