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Default RE: Starboard Phantom???

I also could'nt find much forum talk about this board from any owners. Before I bought I looked at many board's specs of similar types. Where I sail I have to slog out to a wind line and if there's enough, have some planing fun then slog home. This is my third season and this board is perfect for my needs and skill level, so much yet to learn! As far as the specs between the kona and the phantom I wanted to favour the planing more then the slogging so I chose the phantom for it's width and it also just fits my 4x10 foot shed. I don't have enough experiance to give a proper review of this board but Starboards words about it on the Phantom page are bang on. Some where else on the net there were some words to the effect that the Phantom is the board the Bic 293 was supposed to be. Again I have to agree cause I own one, it was my first board. Now to be fair to Bic, the Phantom costs a fair bit more. I like the adjustable mast track, the comfortable deck and the dagger is easy to operate, the board looks great and apears to be well made. If you buy a Phantom I'd like to hear your opinion as you would have experianced both boards. Regardless, after many hours on the net looking at boards I'm very happy in my choice. Good luck with your choice.

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