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Default RE: Board Selection - Totally Confused

Thank you Roger. I am releaved to hear that I am not a total planning failure, just somewhat underequipped ... And do not worry about my disappointment. If it were easy it would not be as much fun for me

You suggestion to get a bigger rig first and try it out sounds good and that is probably what I am going to do this year. It will also allow me to spread the expenses over a 2 year period, which I am sure my wife will be relieved to hear

I generally do not use the centerboard. Sometimes, since I already have it, I will deploy it when the wind conditions are far from perfect to stablizie my upwind direction, however, I can almost certainly do without it.

What I hate about the Motion the most is its nasty weight (close to 20 kg). When I am alone, moving this monster through dunes or loading it onto the roof of my car seems like an unnecessary energy drain. I envy guys with smaller and lightweight boards. Plus, I am not sure if it is related to the surface properties of Polypropylene, or what, but I get the sense of excessive drag, especially when the winds pick-up a little and I am just about raising my hopes of picking up the speed. Off course I do, but not as much as I would like to and it is always accompanied by a lot of turbulence and noise.. I am neither gliding nor cutting through water, I am dragging my board through it. I know that my posture, foot position, and mast presusre are very important here, but no matter what I do, I steel feel like big slow cow on the water

Another thing is the responsivness in turns, the ease of handling on the water when attempting a beach start, etc. The board feels like a big dead whale sometimes

Just to close my questions on the board volume. Is 170 L likely not enough, or there is not simply a compelling reason for me to try a lower volume ?
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